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AppSwitch performs service discovery, access control and traffic management functions on behalf of the applications by transparently taking over the applications’ network API calls. In addition, AppSwitch decouples the application from the constructs of underlying network infrastructure by projecting a consistent, virtual view of the network to the application. In abstract terms, it combines the application-level functionality offered by the service mesh approach with the familiarity and compatibility of traditional networking.

Some of the use cases include:

  • Automatically curated service registry for seamless service discovery even across hybrid environments.
  • Extremely efficient enforcement of label-based access controls without any data path processing.
  • Proxy-less load-balancing and traffic management across service instances.
  • IP address portability with ability to assign arbitrary IP addresses to applications regardless of underlying network.
  • Transparently redirect connection requests to alternate services without using NAT in case of application migration.
  • “flat” connectivity with client IP preservation across hybrid network environments.

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