Installation and Configuration

AppSwitch client and daemon are both built as one static binary, ax, with no external dependencies. It is packaged into a docker image for convenience. Installation of the binary (copying to /usr/bin) and bringing up of the daemon can be done by running the following comamnd:

curl -L | docker-compose -f - up -d

It runs the latest release of AppSwitch docker image through a docker-compose file. The compose file includes most common configuration options as environment variables. Additional options can be passed through AX_OPTS.

version: '2.3'


    image: appswitch/ax
    pid: "host"
    network_mode: "host"
    privileged: true
      - /usr/bin:/usr/bin
      - /var/run/appswitch:/var/run/appswitch
      - appswitch_logs:/var/log
      - AX_DRIVER=user # Syscall forwarding driver
      - AX_NODE_INTERFACE= # Node interface to use by daemon.  Accepts IP address or interface name, eg eth0
      - AX_NEIGHBORS= # List (csv) of IP addresses of cluster neighbors
      - AX_CLUSTER= # Cluster name.  Required if cluster is part of a federation
      - AX_FEDERATION_GATEWAY_IP= # IP address or `interface` name for federation connectivity
      - AX_FEDERATION_GATEWAY_NEIGHBORS= # List (`csv`) of IP addresses of federation neighbors (other gateway nodes)
      - AX_OPTS=--clean # Remove any saved state from previous sessions


AppSwitch uses (by default) the following ports. Please make sure that firewalls don’t get in the way of these ports.

7946 Cluster gossip channel (see Gossip Protocol)
7947 Federation gossip channel (see Federation)
6660 Ingress federation proxy (see Federation)